Change Of A Dress

“Knock, Knock.”........

“What can I do for you mate?”

“Errr....Is Jules here?”

“Nah mate, she’s moved.”

“Well who are you?”

“I’m just the bloggyguard.”

“Oh....well...what happened?”

“She just decided she was going to have a go at being grown up.  Off came the frilly, pink ra-ra dress and on came the ‘I mean business stiletto's.'  She brushed her hair, packed her bags and  left me in charge of redirection. ”

“Blimey.  Sounds a bit drastic.  So....has she really grown up?”

“Nah...she just thinks she has.  Just go along with it, she’s English.”

“Yeah, I hear ya.  So where can I find her?”

“Go to”  She’s waiting there with a nice shade of grey and a margarita. “

:) Hurry.