Whispering Moods.

Visual and written combinations: Developing the story from behind my own pictures. 

She was half human and half mythAt least that’s how it felt. A fish out of water; a social pariah at the worlds biggest party. Both parts of her were vulnerable to perilous events. Just a mere maid with nothing more to offer than being a siren of enchanting stories.  A slick line here and a burst of imagination there to beguile and gladden the spirits of the very few before she fell into a lethargic stillness.

Was it all for naught?

She would always try to save you first but she would also let you drown. 

Drowning and drenched within the large spiral conch she would listen intently. Sat in her resonating chamber with only the ambient noise whooshing and flowing like an ocean of reality.  Sometimes clashing and boisterous, overwhelming with wanting, lusty waves; sometimes just the gentle burbling of diminishing bubbles. Soft and ebbing away like breathless sighs.  The tormented, secret messages of her whispering moods.