“So tell me about the dream.”

Silence.  Thoughts.  Recollection.

“Well I was walking down the street, I think it was in the city but I’m not sure. It felt like the city.  It was night time and there wasn’t anyone around but I sensed I was being watched.  Followed. 


I don’t know but not something good.  I was afraid. Then the street came to an end.   I couldn’t go anywhere.  There was a door at the bottom,  a ‘once was’ door,  all bricked up so I couldn’t go in.  I pushed at the bricks but it was solid and wet and cold.

“Like when it happened?”

“I suppose.  I heard shouting.  A group of guys.  At first I was terrified and then I realised they were yelling at me to come to them.  How to get out of the dead end. Escape.  I had to walk through a tunnel but I really didn’t want to.  I couldn’t see what was there.  I was shouting back at them, telling them that I was too frightened to go in but they couldn’t hear me.   Then one of the guys appeared at the end of the shaft.  He beckoned to me and told me to come quickly.  It was ok.  I trusted him, like I knew him. He reminded me of my friends brother but it wasn’t him.

“Do you find your friend’s brother a safe person?

“Huh?  Yes.  He’s kind.  I’ve known him a long time.  He listens properly.”

“Ok.  Then what happened?”

“I ran down the subway.  My clothes were ripping as the tunnel got narrower.  Like they were being pulled from me.  Torn.  I was frantic.  I got to the end and the man wasn’t there anymore.  Just the group of guys.  I knew I was in trouble. One of them was just staring at he was going to kill me. 

“Did he remind you of anyone?”


Silence.  Thoughts.  Joining up dots.

“Are you OK?  We can stop. “

“No.  It’s fine, I’m fine. Somebody pushed me and I ended up in another street.  I had scratches on my neck and arms. My shirt buttons were all gone.  I felt exposed and pathetic.  And scared.  

“Pathetic?  Why pathetic?’

“Weak.  I shouldn’t have looked like that. Sullied. Wrong.”

“And what was on this street?”

It was really dark.  I was looking all around me when I saw another door.  A steel door. Like chequer plate. 

It said open, as if it was a shop or something but it wasn’t.  I kept knocking on it.  My knuckles were bleeding because I knocked on it so hard.  I was screaming but nobody came.  Then I saw the skull. 

“ Was it the same skull?” 

Silence.  Thoughts.  Nightmares. 

“The same one he had tattooed on his chest  you mean?  Yes. It was. On the door. And on the window.”

Silence.  Thoughts.  Nausea.

“Do you want a break?”

There are no breaks. Not for me.   I felt like he was behind me.  I daren't turn around.  I felt the presence of him.  My skirt was gone. I felt his dirty fingers on my thighs.   I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth.  I felt like I was being choked. I couldn’t breathe. I was afraid to breathe.

Silence.  Thoughts.  Disgust.

“Then I heard a bleeping noise.  Coming from behind the steel door except it wasn’t.  It was my alarm and I woke up.”

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