Stop.  Close enough.  You can stare, maybe smile; you may even knock or rattle.

But you can’t come in.

Don’t masquerade.  Don’t profess to be different from the others that wanted to enter. 

You’re not.

Don’t think I will be fooled into thinking that you care enough to unlock me.  It’s an illusion. You are deluded by fascination and desire.  Your enthusiasm will evaporate and you will become weary.  Let me spare you the agony.

 I will never completely trust you to walk freely inside. 

This is a self inflicted isolation.  A choice.  An essential barrier for detachment and protection from the transient, the deceptive and the masked demons.  All locks and bolts are in place for personal sanity.

 Do not try to push and break down this door; it’s a journey to fools paradise.  

Just because there is a stronghold in place it doesn’t mean that you need to know what’s on the other side. 

Mystery is curiosity’s master.  

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