The Big Reveal

The fact that I have even taken on this challenge is a major turning point. I am not one to be confined by restraints (well, not these kind anyway) or stick to rules. I’m a big fan of flexibility.  However the time has come to teach my two friends Mr procrastination and Mr self doubt a lesson by wielding a big discipline stick.  The April A-Z challenge brings me just this as I have to stick to writing something every day to the theme of the alphabet. To make it even harder than it already is (I am a person of extremes dontcha know)  I'm going to write a, attempt to write, have a bit of a go at a story. Call me mad, most people do and to those people who keep on telling me “Why are you doing that, you haven’t got the time - whats the point - yaddah, yaddah, blah” - Please see above and get in line with my other two friends. 
So here’s my BIG REVEAL: Drum roll please..drrrrrrr....

I have decided to write a fictional story based on a teenager with Aspergers and the effects of their behaviour on others close by. I think the A-Z structured theme lends itself well to the Aspergic mind.
Since this is a fictional piece all the characters names will be made up and should they be the same as yours it's purely coincidental. It's very difficult to have the main character called Agamemnon. People won't bond with him.

I have had to label my challenge as (AC) adult content. This is not because I’m about to go into ‘fifty shades of grey' mode and spew my inner desire to tie Ian Somerhalder to a bed whilst armed with whipped cream, a whip and and tickling stick. No.  This is because there will be offensive and inappropriate language used. Now this isn't usually my style (unless I'm walking round a supermarket or driving behind someone doing 30 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone) but I need to use it to give the story credibility.  I have not planned my letters, I have not planned any of my posts but I have all the ideas ready to flow into print as from the 1st April.  I'd rather write as I go for the discipline factor and I'm better at spur of the moment than fastidious editing and over analysing to the point of self sabotage. 

I’d like to wish all those taking part the ‘Best of British’ and if I actually manage to get through to the end I will be seen gloating with a large Margarita for the whole month of May.