Once in a blue moon

Blue mooooon, la la la la, you saw me standing alone, la la la la, without a dream in my heart... you will have that song in your head all day long now!

Anyway, today is a blue moon.  Apparently they don’t happen very often and so should be paid attention to.  I noticed someone had commented about this on facebook and since I’m rather fond of the moon thought I should look into it.

I decided I’d meet with my witchy friend “Anniesue of Runswick” as witches know all about this kind of malarkey.

“So, what’s this blue moon thing all about then?” I asked over a steaming glass of latte. (On a side note, I really like those little gingery type biscuits that you get with your latte at posh cafes)

“I don’t really know exactly what it signifies” she replied half heartedly.

“What?  Your a witch, you’re supposed to know all about these kind of things!” I retorted somewhat shocked and thinking that she wasn’t taking this wiccan thing very seriously.

“Here” I said as I passed over my beloved ipad tablet of genius.  “Look it up, read all about it and then translate into terms that I will understand”  

Now that might sound incredibly lazy of me but that’s not the case. (maybe a bit)  I know if I read the description I’d be totally confused by the psychobabble.  So, better she did it.

“Ok” she said.  “It’s a time of communication.” she read.

“A time to start new ventures and be creative. A time for change”

Since I can’t stick to anything for more than 3 days I didn’t see how this would affect me.

“You may get a sore throat” she said.

“Why?”  I asked “Thats not very nice is it”

“Because it’s all about the throat chakra”

Of course it is.

“So I’m going to get a sore throat now because you’ve mentioned it.  It’s like voodoo”

“Oh shut up” she snapped.

Gosh, witches can be ever so touchy.

“Whatever you say today is very important, for whatever you say is how you really feel”

Oh God.  I’d better keep my mouth shut then.

“It’s a time to make up for things you messed up on and put them right” she continued.

Errr... that could take some time. Ignore that one.

“Set your goals today and do something unusual”

I might try and be normal, that would be unusual.

“Your psychic powers are heightened and you may receive messages” she enthused.

“What, like e mail messages? More texts?” I asked. (Don’t blame me if you start hearing voices in your head)

“ A great time to cast spells” she said loudly whilst giving me ‘one of those’ looks.

Ooops.  better watch my step.

“ Do you want another coffee?” I offered “I can feel a sore throat coming on”.

Do you know, I never knew ipads could fly.

So, heres to a great blue moon.  Make the most of it as the next one’s not until 2015!  If anything exciting happens let me know and if I don’t come back on here for a while, please start kissing toads!