Tag Azra

I have been tagged by the beautiful and charming Azra.  You can read her fabulous blog here or here or even here.  I have only ever been tagged when playing with the boys in the playground or on some hideous facebook photograph so I feel quite honoured, like part of a gang. 
Here are the list of questions I have been tagged to answer:
1: What is your favourite saying or motto?
   “Do not go to your grave with the music still inside you” Zig Ziglar
2: What is your dream job?
    I’d really have to be an “Ideas” person.  A serial entrepreneur with a shed load of cash to back me up.  “You go do this and this and here’s the money whilst I move on to my next marvelous, ground breaking idea”.  Or I’d be person B.  I’d take from person A and sell on to person C =  earn money whilst doing nothing. This then leaves me free to dabble in my creative pursuits, of which there are many.  None of which I could turn into a dream job for when I try to make that which I love a career, it becomes a chore and I lose interest.
3: What part of the world do you have little interest in travelling to and which part of the world is next on your list?
    I have never had the urge to go to Australia because of the insanely long flight and the bird eating spiders.  However, I’m sure I’d love it when I got there.  I’m also not too keen on India having seen it from Karl Pilkingtons point of view. Next on my list is Bora Bora if I win the lottery ( and can stop several times on the way) or Key West.
4: If you could live anywhere where would it be?
  I think I’d have to have homes dotted around the globe. My ideal would be this:  A warm climate with unspoiled beaches and calm turquoise sea combined with a town full of art and quirkiness, meandering streets and beautiful architecture.  
5: When you travel do you prefer to go the city or the countryside?
     I like both.  I also like the seaside.
6: What is the last thing you think about before falling asleep?
    I must remember to post that thing in my handbag, damn I forgot and oh no, there’s a ladder in my stay up stockings so I won’t be able to wear my grey dress to that meeting tomorrow....but the ladder is at the toe part, if I stick a bit of nail varnish on it it might stop laddering and I can wear my knee high boots...hmm...if it’s hot though I’m gonna look stupid.  What’s that noise?  It's bright outside, I wonder if it’s a full moon, forgot to check my lunar calender.  Where’s my ipad?  Bugger, I forgot to put my phone on charge...merrrr....can’t be bothered now. I wonder how big the Universe really is...I wish I could paint like David Hockney.. I hate my pillow....yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, blah, blah, ZZZZzzzzzzzz....
7: Are you a gardener or a garden admirer?
I am a garden admirer.  I love looking at nature and beautiful flowers.  Look at this bluebell I photographed yesterday

  Did you know that if you are able to turn a bluebell inside out without breaking it you will meet your one true love?  
8: Do you enjoy cooking?  If so what are some of the meals you like to prepare when you entertain?
I do like cooking as long as I have the time to be creative.  I am a master at Christmas dinner and prepare many things weeks in advance then get really annoyed when it’s all been eaten in 15 minutes!  I love pasta and my take on lasagne is legendary.
9: Do you parallel park or drive round the block?
    I was taught to drive properly by a maniacal sales manager ergo I can handbrake turn, blindfolded, into the tightest space. 
10: If there were 7 people from any period in time you could invite to dinner who would they be?
    Well if you go HERE  you will see I wrote a post on this game some time ago.  I have ten people and I’m not changing it as I like to flaunt the rules.
11: Have you ever written or would you like to write a short story or memoir?
     I’d love to write a book but lack the discipline. It is miraculous that I’ve managed to write a blog for this long.
12: What kind of music helps you unwind?
      This is difficult for me as I don’t really use music to unwind, I use it to lift my spirits or reminisce.  For relaxing I like the sound of nature, or the sea, or bizarre, hooting jungle noises!  The track I find most fits this question for me is ’Slip into something more comfortable’
13: When was the last time you cried?
      When I ate an insanely red hot, chili stuffed olive.
14: Which lyrics aptly describe your love life?
     “Im a firestarter, twisted firestarter”  followed by  “Im easy, easy like Sunday morning”(and I mean easy going!) 
OR - “What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster?”  just KIDDING! 
15: What do you most enjoy about blogging and what advice would you give to new bloggers?
     Blogging is like verbal art. I love the social interaction between other fellow bloggers.  My advice would be this:  Only do it if you enjoy it or it’s just paperwork.
Now then, based on that information what would you buy me for Christmas?