Im eagerly awaiting the conclusion today, of what I consider to be the most stupid piece of news to have hit my part of the world:
Back in April when William and Kate got married and we all got a day off (cool) The Union Jack flag was raised as is the norm.  The Union Jack (or Union flag as is the correct terminology as I think it can only be called The Union Jack if it’s flying on a ship) has since remained on this particular flagpole and has caused untold stress and trauma to some minorities who have complained to the council about how much it is upsetting them.
Please see section of news below:
Quote: ‘When I do go outside, or if my friends do come round in the area, then I’ll have to explain to them, “No, this is not the BNP headquarters. It’s just the parish that feels it’s OK to have the Union Jack flying all year round.”’ He added: ‘How would they feel if I was to put a Caribbean flag outside all year round? How would that make them feel?’
Please, allow me to retort:
Well actually I wouldn’t care less if you put up a Caribbean flag and if that’s what you want to do then knock yourself out.  I’m all for people supporting their roots and not losing touch with their ethnicity.  Cultural diversity is what  makes this country great, but Mister, you also live in England and clearly accept this country as your home right?  The Union flag does not represent the BNP (despite them using it)  it represents a fine expression of unity as well as diversity. The British flag incorporates distinct countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.  In fact its name "Union Jack" emphasises the very nature of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as a union of nations. The flag is also known by another name, this too, emphasising the idea of union.  I happen to own a great T-shirt emblazoned with The Union Jack.  Does this mean I shouldn’t wear it?  Does it incite racial discrimination?  NO.  How ridiculous.  
As for you apologising to your friends when they come round ..err.. what kind of friends do you have? 
Parish councillors:  Do gooders.  Up there right now with Traffic wardens.  You are so PC about everything that ironically it’s not PC and offends many others.  Well done Mr Harbury - Carlisle for standing up.  A councillor with backbone. 
Can you imagine going to America and asking them to take down their flag which they fly with pride all over the place?  Me neither.  Or any other country for that matter.
The UK is a place full of heritage, history, free national health service, social care, free speech and tolerance. Apart from the fact it rains way too much and is stupidly expensive it is a great place to live and and it’s multi cultural diversity should be celebrated but it’s identity should be something you are proud of. Including it’s flag. 
I’m interested to see what the results of the Council discussions are today but they’re probably busy discussing whether or not we can call them ‘Christmas Lights’ this year.  Don’t even get me started on that one.