Hey Sugar!

I was sitting in my car the other day behind some other driver who would NOT turn right at the crossroads until the road was clear for at least 4 miles in either direction.  I have little tolerance for bad drivers (it’s a thing I’m working on) as I was taught to drive by a maniacal sales manager who thought he was Michael Schumacher and I think this affected my psyche somehow. Anyway, thankfully I was listening to radio 1 and an interesting piece of news distracted me from the onset of road rage.
Brought to us, all the way from America is a new concept called “Sugar Daddy Dating” which is taking off in style in NYC and LA LA land.  Now I’ll give my American cousins this - they have the ability to make money out of anything and truth be told I’m a little bit jealous and disappointed that I didn’t think of it first. This has brought whoring to a whole new level and made it acceptable to open modern day brothels in beautiful top notch wine bars.  Bit like a brothel franchise right? Awesome. But whilst I understand the business module and concept, I don’t get the people who attend such an event.  Here’s how it works:   
Men in their 40’s and over, who are big time business men with heaps and heaps of dosh and power (and posh mansions, holiday homes and a selection of classic cars)  go along to meet young nubile nymphs that are going to bend over and take one for the team in return for a wad of green stuff and gifts.
As one American man was quoted on the radio Hey, if she’s gonna put her hands on me right and say the words I wanna hear then DAMN RIGHT she’s getting paid”
Girls in their early 20’s go along to snare big time business men so they can have money to furnish their dreams and social advancement.  They can demand gifts and also use his power to gain a better position, so to speak, by sating his wanton desires.
As one American girl was quoted “ Well, this is gonna help me get where I wanna be without struggling.  If I please him just sooo,  I can ask for aaaaanything I want. Money, gifts and a cute little itty bitty chihuahua dressed in Prada”
Right.  This kind of dating concerns me somewhat. Mr Big Shot business man has got where he wants to be by being a very controlled, hard nosed and relatively selfish person. I’m not being disparaging with these remarks, hats off to your drive and determination but to get there you have had to be somewhat ruthless. On an episode of Criminal Minds a CEO was classed by the profilers as having the same traits as a Psychopath. Ergo this sort of arrangement may be fitting.
 Now I get the fact that OF COURSE he’s going to want to get his rocks off with the young flesh of a beautiful young temptress complete with a huge, perfect, plastic bosom, a pert little bottom and a singing vagina (yes, I’ve heard that’s the next  plastic surgery procedure to come out of LA and I’m currently thinking of what classic song I would pick were I to undergo this operation) he’s a red blooded male and its inbuilt in his make-up. Normal. But this is not a long standing love affair or romance; it’s just a business arrangement. He can surely get this by employing any PA he wants and force her to work after hours ‘extras’ in return for a nice present at Christmas. But where’s the romance and the flowers in this kind of dating?  Does Mr CEO not want a woman who loves him for who he is and not what he has? 
Girls. Coming from the female side of thinking I don’t get your motives.  Well, I do and I don’t.  Yes, you are going to get presents and all manner of lovely things and maybe climb a couple of rungs of that ladder they call success but don’t you want to achieve success by your own merit?  Would you rather have the hard cash and bling than meet your true soulmate?
The thing is, when I was in my early twenties I was out clubbing and partying with my friends and didn’t give money a second thought until I’d ran out of it at the end of the weekend. The last thing I would have thought of is "Show me the money big guy, I want a soft top Merc in a week! What I gotta do?”

 My friend and I were once out and a guy came to chat me up and told me he was very rich and held the title of Lord.  Straight away this got my back up.
“WOW, a rich Lord. And? Am I supposed to be impressed by this and fawning at your feet?” I’d had a few vodkas at this point.
“ I have a helicopter and we could fly to Paris tomorrow for lunch and I’ll buy you some jewellery” he offered.  Seriously, that is what he said. I found it quite sad.
  At this point my friend (slightly feisty in nature) said “How do we know you’re a Lord, you could just be saying that! Prove it!”  
And so he opened his fat filled wallet and took out his endless gold credit cards with the title of ‘Lord’ clearly displayed before his name.
All of a sudden my friend started pinching my arm very hard and slurring into my ear “Right, lets ‘ave ‘im. Get him to buy ALL our drinks and then a curry later and then we’ll do one!  He’s a LORD he can afford it!”  I think she would have been good at this ‘Sugar Daddy Dating’ thing.
I said “No” to my friend and the Lord and left him to fall prey to some other femme fatale and spent the rest of the evening dancing myself into oblivion, departing in the early hours of the morning penniless and Lordless but happy.
Whilst the ‘Sugar Daddy Dating’ concept brings about an honest liaison between two willing partners who know exactly what they want it’s missing the whole point of what a relationship is all about. They state on their website that it brings a “ realism to dating” well, I dont believe that. Though, in hindsight had I have followed my head instead of my heart I would now be driving around in my Aston Martin and holidaying in Bora Bora.