The beauty myth

Doing what I do means reading a lot of magazines and I am constantly bombarded with the plastic perfection of models advertising products to enhance your features.  Trust me, that mascara is NOT going to give you 3ft long eyelashes.  The cream from the middle of the Dead Sea is NOT going to give you the flawless skin pictured; even the models skin doesn't really look like this.  The glossy lipstick sported by the pouting beauty is NOT going to look like this on your lips for more than 2 minutes.

I think it is important that we realise beauty is so much more than how it is portrayed by the media and perceived by the reader. Being beautiful isn't just about how you look.  Looks are transient, real beauty is what lies beneath.

Here's what I think beauty is:

Walk outside your front door and you can see beautiful things everywhere if you look for them.  Nature for one has an abundance of beauty.  Young children playing on the park. Groups of friends laughing together. 
Even things that do not look pretty can be incredibly beautiful. 

So to all you people out there who think you have to look like Kim Kardashian, be a size zero and and wear Prada to be beautiful - you're wrong.  This goes out to all guys too.  You don't have to look like Brad Pitt or have a six pack.  It's about what you do and who you are.  Take a look in the mirror people.  You are far more beautiful than you probably realise but do me a favour and go out into the world being a beautiful person and looking for the beauty inside a person as well as in everyday things.