It's what I think

Laugh out loud? Yeah, that’s what I do on the outside.
Makes me feel better trying to be positive, believing in the world and all it’s people.
To be fair most are good if you're right by them.
But there’s always a few that knock you down, seem to all come at once like Hells hounds.
Gotta be strong, sometimes it’s tough. I just want to run, be all alone.
Gather my thoughts and try and make sense of it all.  But it never makes sense does it?
Sometimes it’s all a mess and you’ll never get your head round it.
Don’t try and bring me down ‘cos I’m beautiful inside.  I know that’s true.
So hurt me if you want to but you won’t take my pride. 
I’ve had too many knocks.  Still hurts me every time, I must be too soft.
But don’t take advantage of that for I will react.
Im a woman of substance despite my romantic notions, head in the loft.
I’ll always forgive you if you’re truly sorry.
Sometimes I can't function. Seriously, I flit from this to that. 
Can't keep focussed or stay on track.
Need to have meaning, things must have a point. My life needs to count.
Yours doesn’t have to have the same meaning as mine, Im not the one judging you.
So let me live mine how I want to it isn’t affecting you.
I don’t wanna be surrounded by stuff. It has no value or importance to me.
I want passion, excitement, and people of merit.  I want to be free.
If you don’t like my answers don’t ask me the question.  
Don’t give me a look that suggests I’m out there.  Don’t question my judgement.
If I believe it’s right then it is for me.  You’re here to live your own life not police mine.
I’ll never hurt you intentionally.  I’ll be a rock to whoever needs me.
I’ll support your dreams and quell your fears.  I’d like the same from time to time.
I’ll make my dreams come true ‘cos only I can.  If you wanna take the ride with me then let go of the handle bars and let it take you in many directions.
I will not be told, I will not be closed and I’m not gonna do things the conventional way.
I’m here once and I’ll take every chance.  If it goes wrong that’s a lesson learned.
Keep smiling even when it hurts but it’s ok to feel the pain.  Don’t ever feel ashamed.
If I meet you on my travels through life be fair, just and full of love and dreams. 
I promise what you get back from me will be all of that and more.  
I’ll never give you sour milk only fizzy lemonade.