Words With Friends

I play an online game (via my trusted and beloved iphone) called words with friends.  Very similar to a board game that you can/and /or have played growing up where you place your tiles on the board and score points by making great words on triple letter/double letter/ word scoring places. Anyway, you get my drift..  Now I play this game a lot, everyday, whenever I get a minute. I absolutely love it. I know I can be a little obsessive with it but yesterday when my family staged an 'INTERVENTION' to stop me playing and made me go out with them, I considered it time to evaluate my loving relationship with this little application. The words my family and friends used was 'ADDICT'. Personally I think that's a little extreme though I can see where they may have got this idea for the following reasons:
Now thankfully I work for myself so I am able to have the ability to check my WWF status many times throughout the day otherwise I think I would have a valuable reason to take stress related sick leave.  I have even dropped my phone into a pan of risotto whilst trying to play and cook at the same time.  The risotto lost.  I have even forced real life friends to upload the application on a night out so we can play together!  I recently dropped my phone in water and feared for my life as it stopped ringing and functioning in a normal way and I spent the entire day nursing it back to health so my game would still work.  I stay up until late at night with the charger plugged into the phone as it's running out of juice super fast.  Since the charger is not very long I have to lie at a most peculiar angle to reach my phone and play. I seriously think I have invented a new yoga position.  My beauty sleep is shot, my eyes are super tired, yet still, should I awake in the middle of the night guess what is the first thing I reach for?  Now were this a class A drug you would have me bundled off to some rehab centre for weeks, no doubt about it and when I read this back I can see why I am being called a word addict. Im sure there are people out there shouting "Get a life" But let me tell you I have an enviable life, truly I do. But hold ye hard!  Lets take a look at the positive side to this game:
Trust me.  I have met (well virtually rather than physically) some brilliant people whose paths I would not have crossed under normal circumstances.  I have regular friends whom I play with from around the States, UK and even the Outback!  People that I am really happy I've met and thank technology and WWF for. So, objectively speaking, as far as I'm concerned,  the positives far outweigh the negatives and whilst I will endeavour to balance my time more appropriately I will say this:  Need to speak to me as a matter of urgency?  See me on the tiles!