Where's Barbara?

Anyone out there know who Barbara is?  No I thought not.  You see I think Barbara is a 'made up' person invented to completely test my sanity and rational thought.  It has been said that (allegedly) Barbara comes to college every Monday.  This is so not true.  I have been for the last 2 weeks and Barbara has not. "where's this so called Barbara?" I suggest mockingly.  Oh and how the students protest; "But there is a Barbara" they wail, "She comes on a Monday" they insist. "She's a fabulous sewer!" they cry "and yes you have met her" they lie.  I can't take it anymore and I am  requesting help from blogger readers - who knows, maybe Babs is one of them.  If you think you know who Barbara is and she matches the following descriptions, please let me know:
So help me God, let me put an end to the mystery that is 'BARBARA'