Thou Art

Back at college this morning and here is my beautiful piece of artwork to the left.  Great to be back painting and daubing and sponging and eating (only a very light danish pastry today, hardly worth mentioning really, almost close to dieting again if I'm honest) and generally having a great social chit chat! Claire and I are now booked onto 'Burlesque dancing' for beginners.  Yes , I know this sounds very frightening, especially from a public point of view I can see where you're coming from, but it really is more scary for us.  We are going to have to learn to walk seductively HA - can barely stand vertically and still for more than 10 seconds! And learn to take off stockings properly (I really am much more comfortable with a pair of fluffy socks to be honest) 
Have looked at website and seen that there is a dancer called 'Wanda Handful' this has scared me even more and have now been thinking of names such as 'Eliza Onthecarpet' 'Fanny Cracker' Iva tittytassler'  Obvoiusly I have been entertaining myself with this for hours!  Please select your favourite name from my 'Poll' at the very bottom of all posts.