Cake up! and say goodbye to diets.

Hoorah! Hoorah! the diet is done
get me a cake, get me a bun!

Well, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that cream cakes are the way forward.  The day was filled with joy, frivolity, and good humour and all because we had cream cakes instead of ryvita!

I also managed to digest a fair amount of dye today that should have been on my art journal but instead ended up in my mouth, in my coffee, up my arms, round my ears and also a little tash on my upper lip. Nice.  The dizzy heights of too much sugar!
Thoroughly enjoyed class today! Throwing paint around is so much fun and total art therapy!

  Got so hot today I thought I was going to self combust all over my art journal.  Think I need to start looking after myself more.  Have just poured myself a vodka and coke and I'm going to vegetate in front of the TV and watch the new episode of the final season of LOST. Can barely contain myself.  May have to have another vodka.......