The start of things to come.

And welcome to my first entry! Another resolution to start the New Year with a 'diary of events' along with losing weight, getting into white lycra, blah blah blah.
So what! At least I've started it and it is only 3rd February. I have also started eating healthy food today as I was FORCED to digest basil and tomato cardboard ryvita at lunch in card classes today. I wasn't very enthusiastic about this new lunch regime as it would normally be chip cobs or cheese and rocket with scrumptious vegetable crisps, but Clairabelle Crumpet insisted that if we want to be Burlesque dancers we can't have 5 bellies. I disagree. The more curves the better!
Thank God I'm going out to eat with my fabulous friend Sue tonight. Obviously I'll have to have a sticky toffee pudding. It would be so rude not to!!
And, of course I will be wearing my gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. Lets face it, I have nothing else to wear!

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